Criminal Defense

In trouble with the law?

You’re not just entitled to a fair shot - you’re entitled to the best shot.

Dealing with the law can be intense – but it doesn’t have to be scary. With Crawford Law as your Criminal Defense, you gain peace of mind that you have experienced partners who know the system and aggressively defend and protect their clients. Our team will walk you through the legal process, answer all of your questions honestly, and then fight hard for your case in court.

We fight for you

We don’t take easy plea agreements just to move onto the next case.

When the attorneys at Crawford Law take on a client, we fight hard to make sure you get the best possible outcome for your criminal defense case.

Take control of your future with smart, strong, and fearless attorneys who will fight vigorously for your freedom and liberties.

We defend clients charged with:

Need Help?

We’ll never talk you into a plea for our own convenience.

Too many lawyers jump at quick plea agreements. We’re in this field because we love going to trial and fighting for your rights. Let us use our skills and experience to hold the prosecutor’s feet to the fire and get the outcome you deserve.

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