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Florida Car Accident Laws Should Not Be Interpreted by Untrained Victims or Lawyers

Driving in Florida can be a relaxing experience. Unfortunately, you can also become the victim of an accident on some highways, such as the notorious Interstate 95 freeway. In such situations, understanding Florida car accident laws gives you the best chance of a favorable outcome. 7 Common Mistakes That Florida Car Accident Victims Make Although you might be disoriented immediately…

A Florida Car Accident Lawyer Can Change Your Life

Car accidents happen all the time in Florida, resulting in death, injuries, property damage, and the suffering of victims. According to the WJTC NEWS report, 99,815 traffic crashes occurred in Florida as of July 2019, killing over 800 people and injuring more than 60,000. Most car accidents in Florida are caused by speeding, reckless driving, driving under the influence, and poor…
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